Dealer and Customer of the Mohegan PA Casino Arrested for a $20,000 Craps Cheating Scheme

Arsenii Anderson
dealer and customer of the mohegan pa casino arrested for a 20000 craps cheating

A dealer and a customer at Mohegan Pennsylvania are accused of conspiring to cheat at a computerized craps game last month.

For the cheating scam, the Pennsylvania State Police detained dealer Jason Richard Kutney, 52, of Bear Creek, and customer Louis Attilo Grasso, 66, of New York.

The scam was done in a game that allows customers to place wagers throughout a 30-second clock period before the winning numbers are revealed by a dealer. To allow Grasso to see the numbers before placing his bets, Kutney claimed to have pressed the button earlier than necessary.

The scam netted Grasso $17,521 on December 30 and another $4,125 on January 7, according to the authorities.

In Pennsylvania, cheating at a casino can lead to a 1-6 year jail sentence and a $10,000 fine.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s website has an archive of public filings, and it lists four people who were barred from casinos in PA in December due to cheating.

One case involves collaboration between a dealer and a customer that happened in Wind Creek.

Over 1,100 people are on the list of involuntary exclusions in Pennsylvania who are prohibited from accessing or playing at casinos there. However, the majority didn’t receive a cheating ban.

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