National Gambling Report Highlights Pennsylvania Skill Games

Arsenii Anderson
national gambling report highlights pennsylvania skill games

Pennsylvania’s “gray” skill game market has been cited as a leading example in the American Gaming Association’s research on the scope of illicit gambling in the United States and the harm caused by its uncontrolled nature.

According to a survey issued by the AGA, Pennsylvania is home to 67,000 of the more than 580,000 illegal gambling machines that are present countrywide.

According to research conducted for the AGA by the national consulting company The Innovation Group, the skill machines played in person are responsible for over $27 billion in annual income across the country. That is far higher than the report’s estimates of the revenues from either illegal sports betting, which is projected to generate $3.8 billion in income, or American players’ non-sanctioned online slot and table gameplay, which accounts for an estimated $13.6 billion in lost revenue.

According to a research summary, these prevalent unregulated gambling devices, which are hidden within gas stations, restaurants, and bars, appear and operate like slot machines but lack any regulatory monitoring from the legal sector.

According to the survey, governments are losing out on $8.8 billion in tax income as a result of unregulated devices.

The topic of how to deal with the spread of skill games throughout Pennsylvania has been one that policymakers and the courts have been grappling with for some time. The Commonwealth Court’s decision on whether the games constitute legal or unlawful gambling is expected since the legislature has been unable to agree on whether to regulate or ban them.

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