With PA Self-exclusions Occurring At a Record Rate, Responsible Gambling Attitudes Are Changing

Arsenii Anderson
Responsible Gambling Attitudes are Changing in PA

The subject of responsible gaming has received a lot of attention lately. The number of people who engage in problem gambling habits has grown along with the gambling industry’s fast expansion in terms of offers and operators. Resources for responsible gaming are developing together with the business.

The self-exclusion list maintained by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is one tool available to assist gamblers in Pennsylvania to prevent themselves from engaging in problem gaming.

The four lists that gamblers may join are as follows: casinos, gaming terminals, online gambling, and fantasy competitions.

The PGCB also provides information on how to receive assistance and indicators of compulsive gambling. It published its annual report, and it predicted that 2022 will set a new record for the number of self-exclusions.

Due to the fact that internet gambling has not made its debut in FY 2018-2019, the PGCB did not disclose any iGaming self-exclusion information.

iGaming, video game terminals, and fantasy competitions began to be monitored in 2019. According to the 2022 statistics, this number will surpass the record high of 2,891 set in 2021. The number of PA self-exclusions in 2022 may end up being 3,900 or possibly 4,000.

The PGCB has been working hard over the last several years to extend the reach of the responsible gambling message and promote awareness of resources available to the general public due to the rise in self-exclusion statistics.

The PGCB was aware that updating its website would help them emphasize responsible gaming. According to Elizabeth Lanza, director of the Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling, there was just one webpage on the PGCB website that provided information on problem gambling in the past.

Pennsylvania gradually authorized expanded gaming, so the PGCB recruited a third party to update its problem gambling message. It has a sleek design and is easier to use and more accessible for gamblers. There is a ton of material regarding self-exclusion, problem gambling, phone numbers, and other many methods by which gamblers can get support.

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