Poker Players From Pennsylvania Can Participate in the WSOP’s Fall Online Championships

Arsenii Anderson
Poker Players From Pennsylvania Can Participate in the WSOP's Fall Online Championships

This November, players can find more than twice as much tournament activity on Poker players from Pennsylvania have the chance to participate in the Fall Online Championships, which run from November 3 to 22 and feature 60 events with a total guaranteed prize pool of more than $485,000.

Additionally, Michigan and a combined player pool from New Jersey and Nevada can watch the series. The WSOP PA competitions are taking place separately from those in other states.

The Fall Online Championships advertise buy-ins ranging from $10 to $1,000.

The $109 Main Event on Nov. 20 with a $30,000 guarantee is one of the major events. Additionally, the winner is going to receive a special WSOP championship belt.

There are several competitions set including progressive knockouts, bounty events, hi-lo, and turbos.

The online November Circuit events of The World Series of Poker offer prizes worth $300,000 to players. 12 championship ring events with a total of $300,000 in guaranteed prizes will be available on from November 9 to 20.

To participate in the events, players must be physically present in Pennsylvania. The participants will also have access to No Limit Hold’em in addition to one Pot Limit Omaha tournament.

Francis Sharp and Jon Landis both won their second circuit ring in Pennsylvania. Professional poker player Jonas Wexler won event 5 to earn his sixth ring.

Zachary Gruneberg, a resident of Pennsylvania, won $16,000 during events 6 and 12.

Other champions on the Pennsylvania Online Circuit included:

  • Event 3’s Cole Keenan won $10,928;
  • Event 4’s Justin Vaysman won $6,160;
  • Event 7’s Ryan McKnight won $6,888;
  • Event 8’s Justin Koniuk won $15.923;
  • Event 11’s Kyle Ciccarello won $6,180.

This year, each ring and bracelet winner will have the chance to participate in a $1 million freeroll. Las Vegas will host the Tournament of Champions once more in 2023.

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